Mobile Evolving as After Click Actions Increase

The mobile Internet continues to grow which means that marketers are going to have more and more to keep pace with on a daily basis. It’s not as if there wasn’t enough already for marketers to pay attention to, learn and apply but if you are not used to this pace by now you never will be.

Millennial Media has published their 2nd quarter S.M.A.R.T. report which is made more interesting by the fact that this is their 50th edition which implies some chance for depth regarding this evolving space.

Now keep in mind, Millennial is a mobile advertising platform. Their customers are the basis of these results. Just keep this all in mind. First they look at mobile by region.

Labor Day Job Opportunities in Internet and Social Media Marketing

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the US (and it’s Labour Day weekend in Canada as well).

Since that’s the case, let’s take a look at some of the best labor opportunities available in the Internet and social media marketing space. From sales to management there is plenty of work to be had in this space. As we always say, it’s nice to work in an area where demand outpaces supply since the rest of the economy is, well, let’s just say not so good.

So if you are looking for the right person to fill a position you can do so here at Marketing Pilgrim for just $27 / posting / month. Good luck beating that rate to get in front of some of the best and the brightest in the Internet marketing world.

Sunday Interview:’s Darren Shaw

We contacted Darren Shaw to talk to our Marketing Pilgrim readers about local SEO. Darren is the founder of Whitespark located in the Edmonton, Alberta area (that’s in Canada for those geographically challenged readers).

Darren has made a name for himself in the local search community with his development of the Whitespark Local Citation Finder. Darren was kind enough to conduct an e-mail interview with us so we could learn more about the local search game. Enjoy!

MP: Darren, give our readers some history about your time in the industry.

Darren: I started developing websites in 1996 while in my first year of computing science at university. I would skip my calculus classes and hang out in the labs fiddling with HTML and Javascript. I failed calculus 3 times :(

Cup of Joe: How To Be Awesome

So this week’s COJ was going to be about the famed Walt Whitman poem “Song of Myself“. But, after I finished writing, I re-read my post and thought, “this totally blows!”. I mean seriously, what was I thinking? BORING ALERT.

So without even saving the post I just highlighted all 1000+ words and hit delete. Because honestly the post wasn’t up to my standards, it wasn’t good enough for you, and it certainly wasn’t good enough for myself.

To be honest with you, I am tired of online content that isn’t good enough. It seems like most people are spewing out words just to see their name in print or rank their pages. Not enough people care about the words they write and sign their name to. Not enough people want to be awesome.

Twitter Share Buttons Bring 7 Times the Return

It seems like you can’t visit a website or blog these days without seeing a line of social media share buttons — Twitter, Facebook, Google+. But according to numbers from Bright Edge, only 53.6% of websites use social share buttons. That’s up slightly up from last month, but still leaves a lot of the landscape untouched by social share.

While a lack of sharing buttons may make for a cleaner web page, it’s not doing the marketer any favors. The Bright Edge report shows that sites with a Twitter share button had seven times more link mentions than sites without.

Of the sites that have implemented share buttons, Facebook is still the most popular widget with 50.3% adoption rate. Twitter follows closely with 42.5%. Google+ sits at only 8% but like the other two sites, the rate is on the rise. Only LinkedIn remains flat at 4%.

Facebook Tests “Opt Out of Advertiser” Option

Facebook wants to make you happy. That’s why they have a little X next to the sidebar ads that allows you to get rid of any pitch that doesn’t please you. Now, they’re taking it a step further by allowing users to block specific advertisers.

According to Inside Facebook, the “hide all from [advertiser]” option is currently being beta tested as part of the drop down you see pictured here.

For Facebook, this is an easy way to get the users to their job for them. If a large number of people block ads saying they’re misleading, then Facebook’s backend should see the problem and bring it to a human’s attention.

Holiday Shopping Alert: Online Consumers Spending More Money But Less Time

A study released by IBM Coremetrics entitled “4th Annual Online Retail Holiday Readiness Report” highlights some interesting shifts in consumer behavior in the online space. To sum it up quickly, people are spending more than ever online. Average order value was up an average of 10% across several points during the holiday season including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Reasons for this upward tick is that people have become more trusting of online retailers, they hate shopping in crowds (my personal favorite), they are saving the expense of driving etc that goes with shopping in a brick and mortar etc. There are any number of highly personal reasons for this to happen.