Not Your Same Old Blogger: New Designs to Take On Increasing Competition

The Blogger platform for blogs is still one of the most widely used platforms on the web but it certainly is not one that gets a lot of press for innovation.

Google is trying to change that by offering new Dynamic Views which make presentation of blog materials a lot more modern and is Blogger’s attempt at staying competitive in the blog platform space. Hey with Tumblr just closing an $85 million dollar round of investment this is not a space to be sitting idle. Well, on the Internet, is there any space where you can do that?

Take a look at Google video presentation of these new Dynamic Views. This comes from the Blogger Buzz blog which is using one of the new designs as is the Lat Long blog.

Five Great Ways to Segment Your Leads for Effective Marketing Automation

Changing how you segment your leads using marketing automation could make a great impact on the success of your campaigns. There’s no reason to limit yourself to information from form fields, when the best information you have is about the behavior of your leads and the actions that they’ve taken. Specifically, segmentation gives you the opportunity to target more closely and effectively, and send them unique messages. Here are five creative ways to segment your leads:

  1. Social Behavior – Some people prefer to interact with a company socially, through your Twitter presence, Facebook, and more. Consider creating a campaign that targets those people with the goal of having them revisit your website.

Facebook: This Time it’s Political

Facebook is about to tighten their ties to Washington D.C. with the formation of a new political action committee.

Facebook sent out this quote by e-mail:

“FB PAC will give our employees a way to make their voice heard in the political process by supporting candidates who share our goals of promoting the value of innovation to our economy while giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”

Facebook has been strengthening their political position for awhile now, but they’re still far behind Google and Microsoft who have spent upwards of $3 million on lobbying to Facebook’s half million.

It’s an understandable move, especially since their re-design comes complete with a boatload of new privacy issues. They’re going to need some clout as lawmakers struggle to keep up with the changes in technology. Identifies the Three Mindsets of Search

Why do people search online? According to a survey commissioned by, they do it for one of three reasons. They want answers, they want to be educated or they want to be inspired.

Answer Me, is all about finding a quick solution to a problem or that little detail that’s niggling at your brain. “How do I get a broken light bulb out of the socket” to “who is that actor I just saw on TV?” Quick, doesn’t always equal urgent, but the searcher still doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on this. About says marketers can capitalize on these types of searches by presenting ads with clear benefits. “Smudge-proof” mascara, “dinner in under 10 minutes” or an exercise DVD that will help you “lose 10 pounds in 10 days.”

Social Media for the Career Minded [Infographic]

Here at Marketing Pilgrim we have an active job board which is nice because our industry, Internet and social media marketing, is growing quickly despite the dismal overall economy.

Our Infographics channel sponsor, Voltier Creative, has put together this pretty cool infographic (hmmm, I think I am seeing the connection here) about what is required for a career as a social media strategist. We are in a transitional time where this type of job is rapidly evolving and many companies are trying to figure out just what a social media strategist is (or should be).

Be sure to contact Voltier Creative if you have infographic needs for your business.

So click below to see this great use of an infographic about just what it takes to be in the social media field.

If You’ve Got the time, Facebook Is Taking It

The chart below says quite a bit all by itself. it comes from SAI’s Chart of the Day feature using data from Citi Investments (is that the part they have not renamed OneMain Financial so they can run away from their horrible reputation but I digress).

On a side note, what is maybe even most telling about this chart was the response it got from my 10 year old son. He said, “I know who Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are but who is AOL?”. Ahh yes, from the mouths of babes.

Google+ Benefits From Opening Doors to All

Bring me your tired, your huddled masses, your social media early adopters looking to get away from Facebook. Maybe that’s the tag line Google should have used when it became the refuge for those tired of being a part of the Facebook nation.

In its invitation only period the service was able to attract around 25-30 million users. Last week with its new “you don’t have to be some tech connected person to use us” approach, Google+ saw its number shot up to about 40 million users after just one day! The chart below from Experian’s Hitwise shows the dramatic rise in market share (although admittedly this chart was made this way to look dramatic but hey its numbers and they bend to the presenter’s whims every time).