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SEO Audit in 20 Minutes [Infographic]

InMotion Hosting has put together an infographic that tackles one of the most necessary yet under-utilized aspects of Internet marketing: the SEO audit. It’s under-utilized for the simple reason that many people don’t understand the importance of taking this step before moving forward with any SEO activities. Oh and they don’t want to spend the money to have it done, either.

The trouble is that if you don’t invest to know what’s working or not for your SEO efforts then you may end up “fixing” something in the process that was actually working.

SEO’s face this dilemma with clients all the time because they are fighting uphill in many cases due to the wonderful reputation the SEO industry enjoys amongst the uninitiated. Of course, some of that skepticism is well deserved but let’s not nit-pick!

Now doing all of this in 20 minutes if you don’t know what you are looking for? Not likely but, hey, it sounds nice. Click through to check this out.

20-Minutes or Less SEO Audit Checklist

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  • Andrew Ash

    Nice inforgraph Frank, SEOMoz did an overview of a technical SEO audit a while back which is worth checking out too

  • Brian Flores

    Thanks Frank for sharing my infographic on Marketing Pilgrim! I appreciate the love!

  • Mareks

    very intellegent and nice post! I like it so much and I will look to follow next! Great job!

  • Gee Joy Briones

    WOW! This is really cool. With this, it will be easier to detect if your SEO efforts are really making great differences.