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When you’re cruising around the internet, how much of your time is spent on a social network or blog? According to a new study published by Nielsen, those two categories eat up 23% of internet usage overall. This is double online gaming, which comes in at number two and after that, it takes 75 different categories to account for the remaining 35% of time spent.

Battle of the Sexes

Talking boys against the girls, the girls rule social media with the exception of LinkedIn and Wikia. It doesn’t look like Google+ was part of the survey and though I have no proof to back it up, that feels like it’s leaning more toward the men than the women. (Does anyone have numbers on that?)

Take a look at these numbers and fun facts and I’ll meet you on the other side.

It’s no surprise to see that internet users spend more time with Facebook than any other brand, but little Tumblr is chugging up that hill nearly tripling it’s audience from last year.

Cutting the Cord

Computers are still the main way people visit social networking sites but an increasing number are going mobile. Nearly 2 in 5 is the quote. Mocial app usage is up 30% but games and weather still reign as the most downloaded apps.

We have become very attached to our mobile phones for a number of reasons. 30% of people said social network access was the most valued feature on their phone. The only thing more valued was their GPS, with music and web browsing tying for third.

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As a Matter of Fact

Twice as many people are 55 are now visiting social media sites. (Have you pinged your mom today?)

More women watch video on social networks, but men watch longer. (There’s a joke in there but I can’t quite find it.)

And first place for the most time spent on social networking sites with a whopping 7 hours and 17 minutes per person, is Australia. Crikey!

Want to know more? You can download Nielsen’s Q3 2011 Social Media Report for free just by clicking here.

  • Interesting statistics. Social media continues to grow and is definitely mainstream now. It makes you wonder how we ever did anything before all this activity. I like, and statistics state, that more and more consumers read reviews and are influenced by reviews before making not only online purchases but offline purchases as well. It will be interesting to see what social media evolves to.

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  • Awesome

    This is the most awesome thing ever for Social Networking

  • richard

    I don’t blog (yet) but I do comment over a wide spectrum.

  • I’d be curious of the reliability of the data there.
    Especially regarding the point regarding the bachelor’s degree % of wordpress visitors.