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Thanks to the invention of the smartphone, we can now keep on top of everything our friends are doing, all the time. Oh, and we can even call and speak to them, too! But why bother when you have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like?

This past August, Prosper asked 294 smartphone and tablet users about their mocial usage, and though I’m not sure less than 300 is a good sampling, I’m pretty sure these numbers are in the ballpark.

Here’s the big one. 69.4% of users say they regularly read status updates from others and 65.6% look at photos on their phone. Updating their own social media status was slightly less important (53.4%)

For marketers, 26.5% said they use their device to “go to retailers’ pages to find deals while shopping.” Not bad.

The Big Switcheroo

With Google+ creeping up on Facebook, Prosper asked mobile users how likely they’d be to switch from their favorite social media site if a better one came along. The response was mostly neutral with “somewhat likely” coming in at 27.8% and “very likely” at 14.7%. Facebook shouldn’t smile too wide at those numbers, because most people don’t want to change out of pure laziness, not brand loyalty. If you’ve got everything you need in your current apartment, would you move simply for a better view?

Now take a look at this question:

Those numbers are higher than I imagined, especially the “use it all the time” number. And for a laugh, 15.6% of people responded “What’s Google+.”

I’m curious. How would you answer the question about switching to something better? Likely? Unlikely? Actually, the answer most marketers would choose isn’t even on the list:

“I wouldn’t switch, I’d add it to my list of sites I visit daily.”