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Every month we go through the same process. New data is released about the current state of search and the end of Google’s domination is celebrated (or at least used as a link bait headline). Here are some of the latest headlines that trumpet Google’s end based on the latest comScore reports.

ZDNet – Google search share dips; Bing and Yahoo catching up

Business Insider – Google Is Down, Bing And Yahoo Are Up, In The Latest comScore Search Data Release

The reality is that Google did lose three tenths of a percent in share while Yahoo and Microsoft picked up a combined 5 tenths of a percent in the explicit search category. See the chart below for more information.

In the end this kind of “reporting” is simply designed to get clicks (shocking!). If what ZDNet were claiming in their headline was as drastic as it sounds would their first two paragraphs read

The latest search marketshare data from comScore shows that Google, whilst still high and mighty on its search pedestal, is losing points while its competitors, notably Bing and Yahoo, are gaining.

Overall, the big picture hasn’t changed, but it will be something that Microsoft can revel in during the BUILD conference this week: Google’s search marketshare is nearly 65 percent while Yahoo and Bing are collectively in the low-30 percent range.

It is true that Google is not AS dominant in the search space as they once were. That doesn’t mean they still aren’t dominant. They have over twice the market share of their next two competitors which everyone combines because Yahoo is Bing powered.

The real story is that while Yahoo isn’t even discussed as a search engine anymore it still has greater market share than Bing.

Once Bing can overtake its 2nd cousin who doesn’t even promote itself for search (especially when compared to amount of advertising Bing does which is much more than all the engines combined) then there might be something to discuss.

Until then it’s just the monthly headline wars that shout so much but say so little.

  • Google is way dominant in the search market, Bing is wasting time and money trying to compete.

  • No one can beat Google, they are really dominating the market.