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Which websites topped the list of the most visited in August? Google, Facebook, Yahoo and YouTube. But that’s not really new news, is it? But scan down Kantar Media’s list of the Top 250 Websites for August and there are some lines of note.

Take, for example, Groupon.

That’s quite a hit. LivingSocial also saw a drop in numbers but it wasn’t nearly as dramatic. Still, neither site is crying since they’re still way ahead of where they were last year. Even with the drop, Groupon is sitting at 164.9% year-over-year.

Other losers include Netflix (no surprise there) with a 4.06% drop, MySpace, down 55.84% for the year and Flickr down 8.75. Could it be that Facebook and now Twitter are siphoning off some of Flickr’s traffic now that photo handling is easier on both social networks.

On the upside, Twitter got a 12% boost and rose 16.42% and I still don’t understand it. I do understand the growth of, which Kantar says is one of the fastest moving sites on the chart. saw a predictable jump of 114.36% and JC Penny got ready for back-to-school with an 11.28% increase in traffic.

The big winner was which was up 1193.1% over last year. Their numbers overall are still relatively small, coming in at 208 on the chart, but they’re on track to become a powerful force.

How did your website fare this past August? Looking good or losing steam?

  • “On the upside, Twitter got a 12% boost and rose 16.42% and I still don’t understand it.”
    –> Likely related to The east coast earthquake and Hurricane Irene.

    • Cynthia Boris

      I thought that too, but these are August numbers. More like people checking weather as they travel.

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  • I totally saw the Netflix drop, though I got to say their Conan mockery of their whole ordeal is just epic lulz. MTV is rising? I wouldn’t have thought they’re that relevant, but I guess, since it’s one of the primary sites that people look into for music resource, it’s understandable.

    • Cynthia Boris

      MTV has been on an upswing thanks to the antics of their reality stars. Hate to see it, but it’s true.