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As you may know, I’m also the CEO of social media monitoring tool Trackur. If you didn’t know that, then ta-da, I just sneaked my sponsored disclosure past you. 😉

Anyway, I’m excited to announce that Trackur has just added fully managed social media monitoring to its existing self-service plans. Even though Trackur’s plans start at just $18, and are dead-easy to use, some companies still struggle to find someone on staff to carry out the vital function of online reputation monitoring. So, we’re testing a new fully-managed service that will assign one of our reputation experts to help manage your social media monitoring efforts.

We’re offering two new managed services:

  • Our Fast Track Setup service is perfect for those that just need help setting up their new Trackur dashboard.
  • Our Managed Monitoring & Reporting service provides one of our highly trained reputation monitoring experts to manage your Trackur account for you, and provide you with all the reports and alerts you need.

The setup is just $399 and the fully managed service is $2,997 a month–what many monitoring vendors charge for their self-service offering!

Interested? Space is limited, so inquire today!

  • sound a good service, but the price is kind of high to my view point, anyway, it should be “you pay what you get”

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