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No matter what numbers we put out there, marketers continue to believe that Twitter and Facebook are worth the effort. So here’s another set that’s loaded with good news and bad news for those who hang their ledgers on social media.

A new report from RichRelevance states that online retail shoppers who clickthrough from Facebook only convert 1.2% of the time. If you think that’s bad, Twitter’s number is only 0.5%.

But don’t delete your Twitter account just yet, because in a strange twist of fate, these shoppers actually spend more money when they do order.

Take a look at the chart on the right. The conversion rates skew from AOL’s 2.9 down to Twitter’s barely there numbers. Now look at the Average Order Value in the last column. Twitter is wiping the floor with Google, Bing and the rest.

I’m sure there’s some deep-seated, psychological reason why this is true, but I don’t know what it is. Maybe it has something to do with Twitter’s chief demographics. People with more disposable income? People who can’t resist a bargain? People who just love to spend, spend, spend?

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Again, not math girl here, so can someone tell me if what Twitter loses in conversion rates, they make up for in AOV? Because the bottom line is the bottom line. We all want to make X number of dollars so it doesn’t matter if we have twenty small sales or two big ones, does it? As long as we come out on top in the end.

Diane Kegley, CMO of RichRelevance has this piece of advice:

“This data is a wake-up call for brands who want to reach holiday shoppers who are congregating in the online shopping channel. This is the time to focus on new ways to reach and influence consumers directly on retail sites, at the point of purchase, when they are ready to buy.”

She’s got a point there. Getting shoppers into your online store is only half the battle. Once they’re there, you’ve got to sell, sell, sell and hope they spend, spend, spend.

  • So it seems Twitter loses in conversion rates but it is allways good idea to keep twitter accounts to increase sasles in our money niche, iguess 🙂

  • Interesting Blog, Congratulations!

  • Twitter returns very low conversion rate for the advertisement.So twitter will not be advisable for getting quick and fast result for the adverting a product or service.Because of the fact that users are less active in twitter community than the others.So the conversion rate is very low.

  • I agree, even if it loses something in twitter conversion rates, I find it a good idea not to take away as surely helps sales!
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