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It seems like you can’t visit a website or blog these days without seeing a line of social media share buttons — Twitter, Facebook, Google+. But according to numbers from Bright Edge, only 53.6% of websites use social share buttons. That’s up slightly up from last month, but still leaves a lot of the landscape untouched by social share.

While a lack of sharing buttons may make for a cleaner web page, it’s not doing the marketer any favors. The Bright Edge report shows that sites with a Twitter share button had seven times more link mentions than sites without.

Of the sites that have implemented share buttons, Facebook is still the most popular widget with 50.3% adoption rate. Twitter follows closely with 42.5%. Google+ sits at only 8% but like the other two sites, the rate is on the rise. Only LinkedIn remains flat at 4%.

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Social sharing buttons are one of the easiest ways to get new visitors to your site. Each venue has their own widget or you can use plugins such as Add This on any blog. Worst case scenario, you spend fifteen minutes on set up and get nothing in return. Best case, folks start taking advantage of the suggestion and start clicking to forward your content to their friends. If in turn it brings you only one new customer, that’s time well spent and if this report from Bright Edge is correct, it should bring you even more than that.

Do you have social sharing buttons on your website?

  • Always have them on any site of mine. Also always coming up with new ideas etc in order to get people to share the site on facebook, twitter and google +. A single share could land you tons more traffic and on top of that it also helps with the SEO ranking of your pages to. It’s very important to find a clean area to put these buttons and make them easy to access by your readers, visitors and members.

  • Thanks for sharing Cynthia! Great article