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This post comes from our Social Channel sponsor Full Sail University.

Last week I overheard a mom telling her toddler to “use your words.” They were in the store and the little guy was pointing at something he wanted. The mom guided him into using his words to tell her specifically what it was he wanted.

Words guide us through communication. They bring forth and maintain the integrity of our message.

If we simply point and hope that our audience knows what we want, we are leaving much of the interpretation up in the air. Instead, if we use our words to deliver an effective message, the words are doing the work.

As marketers, we must pay attention to the words we use to deliver our message.

Why are we using those specific words?

As the mom was telling her toddler, we can’t just point at what we want. We need to use our words to communicate what it is and why it matters.

Whatever it is you are communicating on behalf of the company, you must first simply tell your audience about it and why it is important.

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Allow your words to convey the importance the message holds for your audience. We know that it is important to you – the company. It is best to avoid those cliché statements that are often seen in communication efforts:

Company Focused:
Company XYZ proudly announces groundbreaking ceremony for new on-site facility.

Audience Focused:
Company XYZ invites public to groundbreaking ceremony for new on-site facility.

Instead of focusing on clichés to guide the message (why it is important to you), use your own words to show the value and bring out the meaning of why it is important to your audience.

Show the value, why does it matter to your audience?

Communication is about building relationships and providing fulfilling value for both parties. Use your words to communicate that value to your audience.

About the Author:

Amy Cloutier has an MBA with a specialization in Marketing from Capella University. She handled PR for such clients as Bertucci’s, Friendship Dairies, Mystic Aquarium, and Ronald McDonald House Charities. In 2004, she began working with the Walt Disney Company, where she assisted with the development of client marketing sites.

In 2007, Amy joined the Full Sail University Internet Marketing team, creating pay-per-click campaigns and developing the Internet PR strategy for Full Sail. She continues to grow her interest in the field of Internet PR and currently offers a professional Internet PR consulting service. You can follow Amy on Twitter @amycloutier.

  • Great article, I wish there was a way to get this message to the remaining 90% of business owners that don’t get the part about conveying the value to their audience.

  • @Dan I guess we all just have to try to make an impact or impression when and where we can. I would love for everyone to “get it” as well but gave up on that ideal a long time ago. That’s not being negative but rather it’s just realistic.

    Do you have any thoughts on how to influence those you can so this message is spread?

    Thanks for stopping by!