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Hate is a pretty strong word, but according to a recent survey by email and social media marketing company iContact, it’s a word one out of four respondents had no trouble using.

The biggest offender? Groupon.

Says iContact, 70% of small businesses hate Groupon. They received particularly low marks from those in the financial industry (80%) but only 45% of those in the salon and spa biz had bad things to say.

Surprisingly, Facebook had few haters. 76% of respondents gave the social network a thumbs up. Non-profits were among their biggest fans (87%) as is education (82%) and that last statistic frightens me.

LinkedIn also fared well, which isn’t surprising given that it’s a business-oriented social network. 63% of respondents gave the site a thumbs up, with most of the love coming from businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

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Twitter landed neither here nor there with 54% loving it and 46% getting their hate on. The biggest complainers were businesses with under 25 employees. Which could mean that they’re already spread too thin and Twitter is an unnecessary burden.

Google+ had a similar result with 48% loving it and 52% saying, not so much.

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  • I guess, in the world of social media, you can’t please everyone. But, when it comes to customer dissatisfaction, the numbers are high with Groupon. I think that businesses also feel that their product/service offerings are devalued by placing a deal on that site. These are assumptions though ( and observations on stuff I’ve read about it ). If you ask me, I can’t say I hate these sites – more like experimenting on which channel works for me best and in my experience, I’d say Twitter and LinkedIn gave me the best engagement level with my target audience.

  • Let’s not say social media, let’s just say Facebook. SMB”s don’t like it and don’t get it because they don’t understand it, and it’s been extremely over-hyped at delivering traffic and leads.

    Businesses need to understand better how to leverage social media without social media leveraging them.

  • Aaron

    Personally I do not think that Groupon and other offer sites should be grouped as being ‘social’. They actually offer the complete opposite with deals being sent by email directly.

  • May be that’s because excess of everything is bad and lately there been lot of social media website, like myspace, Google buzz, Orkut, Facebook and now Google Plus…No wonder why people hate it !