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Blogs Seen As One of the Best Inbound Marketing Tools for Agencies

Inbound marketing encompasses a lot of Internet territory. It includes blogs, e-mail marketing, social media, content marketing, SEO and more. Best put, there are less areas of Internet marketing that do not fall under the umbrella of inbound marketing than do.

One nuance in inbound marketing is something that happens in every area of business: not everything works well for everyone. What works for a traditional B2C company may not work for a B2B company. What works for a company looking for new prospects may not work for solopreneurs or smaller shops. Sounds simple but many overlook the fact that there are inbound marketing options that simply work better in certain verticals than others.

Apparently in the agency world social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) don’t work nearly as well as the time tested (and too often dismissed) blog. This data from research done by RSW/US and RSW/AgencySearch and reported by eMarketer shows just how valuable blogs are to agencies looking to find new leads in the online space.

So why are blogs more effective? This next chart may give an indication. It appears as if the less “two way” the communication is between marketers and agencies the more comfortable the marketer is. One can only guess that marketers don’t want to open the door directly for any type of sales pitch which agencies are known for.

Based on these findings it looks like marketers have made it clear to agencies and have essentially given them their prospecting marching orders. They are simply saying: Let us make the decision for you based on what you supply to us (in terms of content and information) rather than throw at us (in terms of sales pitches etc). So marketers are, in essence, no different than consumers who respond well to inbound marketing practices that allow the prospect to judge whether a business is one they want to work with rather than being “sold” anything.

If you work for an agency and are reading this post, do you feel that your inbound marketing efforts are working? Do you agree with these findings that blogs are one of the most effective ways to attract prospects for your agency? Are you having the same level of success with social media as was reported in this research? More? Less?

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