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The other night I posted the above video on Google+ with the caption, “What an idiot.” Shortly after, the amazing Melanie Phung responded with:

It’s a matter of framing the assumptions. If you assume he wanted to come in, then, yes, he’s an idiot. But if you understand that he just wanted to sit on the deck and stare at his reflection in the window, then he’s just a chill dog. (And he doesn’t appreciate his owner filming him and trying to make him look like an idiot, thankyouverymuch.)

Wow Melanie! Bring out the wisdom!

All of this reminded me of the recent debate over Google’s decision to block keywords in referral data for users that are logged in. The short and sweet version of this story is that now when you are logged in to Google, run a search, and click a result; the keyword you used will not be passed onto the site. Some SEOs are upset about this because they use this data as a vital metric to gauge everything they do. Other SEO’s use different metrics and thus don’t see the problem.

Despite the fact that we all do things differently it seemed like many still had (and still have) very passionate feelings about this issue. Some thought SEO’s were freaking out over nothing. Which is a fair point, given that we sometimes do that! 😛 Others thought that perhaps people weren’t getting mad enough. However, the one thing that has been missing from this conversation is that, nobody is wrong.

Each one of us practice SEO differently. For some this change will impact their entire business. For others, they will never notice any changes. It is this diversity of perspectives and viewpoints that make working in SEO so damn interesting! And, at the end of the day despite all our bickering and shouting we are all just a “chill dog” with our own perspectives trying to enjoy what’s right in front of us!

  • good look

  • Hey, Joe… When I heard all the hooplah about this I wondered what the big deal was… My host offers comprehensive stats that show me keywords, referrers — more info than I know what to do with– pretty much the same stuff GA offers. So I didn’t react one way or the other…. Am I missing something?

    • Actually Paul this change affects all stat programs including the ones on your host. This is because Google is blocking all keywords in the refer variables. They only mentioned GA in their announcement because it is their only product that is affected.

      • Appreciate the clarification, Joe. To no longer provide this info for free when so many clearly rely on it means tells me Google is probably going to offer some for of pay-for-data program, right?

  • I like to think the video is a metaphor for the power Google has over us. Despite many doors being open for us, we still sit and wait for Google to give us permission to do something. 😛

  • Looks like SEO’s are upset about some barriers to their murky marketing techniques…

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  • I think the same analogy could apply to our clients and what they assume they know about their target audience. Even if the data is telling them one thing about how visitors are interacting with their sites, they still think they “know” what is going on. Never assume you know what someone else (or their dog) is thinking.