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The other day I saw someone Tweet about MC Hammer starting his own search engine. And I laughed. I mean seriously, who would ever expect this guy as being an innovative tech entrepreneur? I honestly thought the tweet was a joke about silicon valley hype. A little later I went and actually looked at the supposed site, and again thought it was an evolving joke. This is because the site (that hasn’t launched yet) currently consist of a sign up page and a poorly done logo. And then later, I stumbled upon the above video.

Wow. Looks like Mr. Hammer knows a thing or two about tech!

As you can see, Stanley Burrell, known by many as MC Hammer has a very savoy understanding of some of the leading market demands in information retrieval. He talks about building an engine that can pull data from the deep web and present it in a format that is both intuitive to the user’s intent, and query-relevant. I will be honest with you, I wasn’t expecting this from the prince of parachute pants! But, now I am impressed and want to know more! In fact I have already gone back to that ugly signup page and put my email address in!

So how did Burrell and his team take me from dismissing laughter to opting in to their email list? They leveraged my low expectations to “wow” me. Setting the right expectations can be a powerful strategy in marketing and business. But doing so effectively requires a good understanding of your capabilities. If you over sell yourself then you ruin built up expectations when you go to deliver. However, if you undersell yourself its harder to get people interested in what you are offering.

How To Wow With The Right Expectations

  • Have a firm grasp on your abilities.
  • Plan your offering around these abilities, with out exceeding them.
  • When talking about your offer, be subtle in the areas that are most impressive to keep expectations in check. At the same time leave an air of mystery to whats to come.
  • Finally, deliver your offerings with confidence.
  • Sip a cup of tea as you watch folks go, “Wow!”.

With the right expectations MC Hammer will make a splash when they launch in December. Start practicing building the right expectations today and you too will start seeing awesome things happening for your marketing and business.

  • “They leveraged my low expectations to “wow” me.”
    I like it )

  • I don’t know about anyone else but the minute I hear the name MC Hammer – I just gotta break out the running man….

  • Wow is right. You were not kidding about it being an ugly page! But I have to confess I’m curious to see what comes next so I filled out the form and hit the button.

    Ted Peterson