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Facebook Missteps and Failures [Infographic]

Sometimes it can feel like a bit of a hobby to point out the relative shortcomings of Facebook. If you ever want to see just how much time some people have on their hands just watch the comments after Facebook posts a service update either on their blog or their company page. Rarely do people talk about the update. Instead they use it as a platform to complain about what they feel is wrong with the social media giant.

Since these occurrences have happened quite a bit over the years, Wordstream has taken the time to put together an infographic to share many of the sources of the angst and other unkind feelings Facebook’s many starts and stops have generated over the years.


Facebook Failures [ Facebook Infographic ]

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Even with all their snafus Facebook still controls the social networking sphere. I think people are too heavily invested in Facebook to just walk away. Their entire social life, both online and off, centers around Facebook.

  • Chemises

    The more important is to evolve. The worst thing would be to stagnate. Like google, Facebook has a massive capacity to develop its platform and it is good for them but also for all of us gravitating around these websites. As you said, I am more impressed by the time people can spend on complaining. It does not help much whereas the update does.

  • David

    Great article on Social Media and it was entertaining! Chekc out my Social Media Marketing blog here!

  • Vj

    Even all of its drawbacks it is most liked one.When google plus was released it was thought that it is going to be a FB killer but I dont thinkk that it happened like that…Fb is improving day by day…new changes looks wierd to accept but after some time they too becomes popular