Posted October 7, 2011 4:02 pm by with 2 comments

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Facebook has partnered with Websense in order to make the web safer for you and yours. The new protocol is designed to scan every clicked link inside Facebook’s walls, automatically returning only those that are deemed safe.

If a link is suspicious, the clicker will get a warning page advising them not to go on. The pop-up does offer an “I don’t care” option, so you can continue anyway, but Facebook warns that you’ll be doing so at your own risk.

Keeping users safe from malware seems like a generous thing to do, but surprisingly (or not) the comments surrounding the announcement have been mostly negative. They include such sentiments as:”So, if a site’s now getting security warning’s on Facebook clickthroughs for no apparent reason, you’re to blame?” Along with cries of censorship.

Mostly, people are taking this opportunity to complain about how Facebook does nothing but invade their privacy. Apparently, these folks don’t realize that Facebook is not a life requirement and that they’re free to step away.

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As TechCrunch explains, Websense is only part of Facebook’s larger strategy to keep users safe from malicious links and spam. I say, if it keeps me from getting a computer virus, more power to them.

  • I’m glad to see Facebook is really focusing on user privacy and safety.

  • Well it’s good to hear that Facebook done partnership with websense in order to make web safe. I think it’s great because many people share spammy link on facebook by which people’s accounts are getting hacked.