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For a while now it seems like most reports about foursquare and its number of users has been stuck in the 10 million range. That’s nothing to sneeze at for sure but one has to wonder what it will take to get the service to the next level of adoption.

The company has been expanding beyond the check-in and for good reason since those who enjoyed the “game” have quickly bored of the game. A new service offered for iOS 5 users called Radar will now tell users when they are near a place of interest that they have tagged or is part of a list of things you are following.

The foursquare blog says

The initial vision for foursquare centered around one question: can we build something to help make the world easier to use. Until now, we’ve focused around sharing what you’re doing and building expertise, with features like checking in, tips and recommendations. Today, we’re super excited by what some of iOS 5′s newest features allow us to do. Specifically, say hi to foursquare’s ‘Radar,’ a huge step in the evolution of the foursquare vision.

I know we are talking about Radar but I couldn’t quite get past the line that asked “Can we build something to help make the world easier to use?” Huh? After that bit of information it was likely that anything foursquare had to offer would fall a bit short since their first attempt was to make people a fake mayor so they could get a virtual badge thus proclaiming virtual victory over their fellow bar hoppers. I’m still scratching my head.

But back to Radar. The blog continues

Now, if you follow a list, like the 101 Best Dishes of 2011, foursquare will let you know when you’re next to one. Or you save that yoga studio to your To-Do List (because you really want to try it); we can remind you when you’re close. Or, better yet, if you’re driving home and three of your friends are getting together nearby, we’ll tell you so you can meet up. The app doesn’t even have to be open, it just works. We call it foursquare Radar, because it finds things nearby that you normally wouldn’t know about.

I get this one although depending on where you live and how you have this set up the constant reminders of things you should consider doing while you are hopefully on your way to things that you have already considered worthy of doing could get a bit much. Of course, if you just wander around aimlessly on a regular basis just looking for something to happen to or for you this kind of serendipitous discovery could be helpful.

Are you using foursqaure currently? Did you once use it but your interest has waned or is it still cool? Does this feature seem useful to you? Let us know in the comments. People are wandering around the Internet waiting to hear from you so here is the perfect place to do that!

  • I’m actually enjoying using FourSquare… been using it for almost a year I guess…. I have a small group of friends I follow on it, and have enjoyed it… it’s been a good app in regards to staying up to date with just a few. Radar actually reminded me to check in at a place this morning as well… sometimes I forget to do that.