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Though the economy still has us all singing the blues here in the US, eMarketer says that global digital ad spending will continue to shine on through. The rough estimate is $500 billion spent by the end of the year thanks in part to the rise in mobile marketing.

As you can see from this chart (over there –>) North America is responsible for the largest chunk of the spend and that trend is expected to continue. However, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East are all making their move.

Asia, in particular, is being influenced by mobile marketing. It’s one of the areas where mobile devices are the primary means of accessing the internet and though they only sit at about 55.4% penetration right now, that number should rise to 73% by 2015. Says eMarketer, that’s “an eye-popping 2.9 billion mobile phone users.”

The rise in mobile usage outside of the US, also means a global change in the demographics of the average user. In some areas, the average user will be older or younger than here in the US and often, not as affluent.

eMarketer says that mobile ad spending in the US alone will hit $1.23 billion this year with China heading for $1 billion by 2014.