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Now some of the things that you would expect from Google for its Google+ social offering, like a real time search function (shouldn’t this have been there at the launch? Let’s ask Steve Yegge about Google+ to find out more :-)) and hashtag support are part of the service.

I could try to milk some words here for sheer SEO value with regard to real time search, social media networking and more but enough with the previews. Let’s get to Google’s star of stage and screen Vic Gundotra so he can tell you all about these changes and maybe even his cool Mercedes! Vic is the flashy Hollywood type to Yegge’s reality TV troublemaker. Gee, Google, what drama!

Are you using Google+? What are your thoughts?

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  • Frank, thanks for sparing the milking keyword intro paragraphs. Yes, maybe Google should have rolled out real time search results on Google+ in the first place, but it makes sense that they release in beta and then flesh out apps or platforms. It’s works for them because they get valuable user feedback along the way.

    This search function makes Google Plus eons more powerful than Facebook . Not just because it’s real time, but because you can search for the term “Android” and get real content. Not so much on Facebook, which in general seems superficial and one-dimensional and limited in comparison. I just read that Mark Zuckerberg is working on targeting the under thirteen-years old demographic to gain brand loyalists from a young age. This is to preempt the threat of better, less creepy social networks with improved privacy controls.

    • Uh oh! Someone who is actually thinking about this stuff alert!

      Good observations. Google has so much potential with Google+ but their lack of promotion, their fall off of new sign ups after public announcement and the wondering how the rest of Google will be integrated eventually is wasting valuable time.

      As for Zuckerberg’s plan to market to young kids? As a father, it turns my stomach but as someone who covers this space I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mark Z and company. Concern for others is a great public relations stance but I don’t think it’s even close to genuine. It’s just about power, control and cash.

      Thanks for checking in.