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Congratulations graduate!

Google’s Page Speed Online tool has been moved from what’s left of Google Labs to make the cut and move into the real world. This means a few things.

1. Speed of your site is a serious consideration for website owners. Is it the highest priority? Probably not the highest but from a user experience point of view Google wants you to speed things up. Actually so do users so this works pretty well.

2. Google looks more transparent which doesn’t hurt in the world they currently live in which is having the government looking for a reason to get more involved with Google’s way of doing search. I don’t know about you but just the thought of this creates nausea and more than a fair bit of “WTH?!”.

But I digress. The tool is ridiculously easy to use. Drop in your URL to be tested in the box seen below.

Get your results, well, pretty fast.

So go have fun finding out how much work is going to be created when your site has a lower speed score than the competition!

Image Credit JAMCO Design / Shutterstock

  • Google has admitted that speed is important, but that shouldn’t be the only reason site owners should want to make their site faster. Like your said, the site of your speed directly impacts the overall user experience. No one is going to site around and wait 15 seconds for your site to load.