Posted October 25, 2011 7:01 pm by with 2 comments

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There is a very funny parody regarding the Groupon IPO that was put together by the folks at It really is funny. That is unless you are part of the “we are funny and irreverent unless you do the same to us” folks at Groupon. It’s all fun and games until someone makes fun of Groupon, huh?

Oh well. It’s not like they haven’t invited it as of late with their comical handling of their public image. Here is a shot of the site. Check it out and chuckle a little before the Groupon legal eagles do their thing.

  • Love this parody. Really makes us consumers think about how pervasive persuasion and marketing is in our lives. It is easy to assume that Groupon is simply giving us great deals, but I do wonder exactly how much of a profit they are making off of us. Perhaps Groupon employs murky methods, how do they know all that personal information about us anyways?

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