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Social / Mobile / Local make up the holy trinity of digital marketing. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses and not all of them will be home runs for all industries. To help you decide what’s the best way to reach your customer, Nielsen and NM Incite, have put together these colorful and informative infographics.

We begin with social.

Social is all about sharing information. When you do your job right, customers share your information with their friends and hopefully, they become customers, too. Social users are also media savvy. They love movies, music and TV and if you can push the right buttons they’ll be happy to tell you how they feel . . . about everything, even when you wish they wouldn’t.

Now let’s get moving with mobile.

Apps are where it’s at on mobile. The average person has 35 apps on their smartphone! And if you can impress the teens, they’ll pay to upgrade to the full version of the app. If you don’t have an app that promotes your company in some way, put that on your To Do list for 2012.

Finally, let’s take a trip around the neighborhood with local.

Nielsen cheated a little on this chart, though I have to give them props for the color scheme. It’s a mix of information that’s vaguely tied together with the local theme. On one hand you have those terrible numbers at the top that show people still aren’t accessing Yelp and Foursquare in spite of the hype.

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There’s good news on the coupon and deal front – check the right side of the box. And then there are the circles in the middle that make it clear that home is not only where the heart is, but it’s where we like to be when we go online with our friends. The number that bothers me most? The 12% of people who said they access social media in the car. I can only hope that they were parked when they updated Facebook. “Just caused a major car accident because I was on Twitter! Sorry to all involved.”

Social. Mobile. Local. Which one is working for you?

  • This demographic is very American.
    Completely different in Europe – especially in the smaller countries as the roaming costs are too expensive.

  • Nothing like a good info graphic to get the message across. The bigger version of the research is found here: … Neilson like to keep their actual methodology under wraps (I couldn’t find it after 20mins looking) – so who knows how these conclusions were made. So keep in mind this is a free report by a market research firm looking to increase revenue, not academic peer reviewed research. Remember, the quality of data from Neilson & the like needs to be compared to other data to get a more balanced perspective – as pointed out by …

  • “When you do your job right, customers share your information with their friends and hopefully, they become customers, too.” — I so agree with this statement. It’s something we tell clients when we push that they sign up with a social network. It’s a significant part of web marketing or internet marketing.