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Google has opened its first retail location.

As reported by The Telegraph

Google has opened its first physical shop. The ‘Chromezone’ is a shop within a branch of Currys and PC World on London’s Tottenham Court Road, and is being used by Google to trial a new way of selling its own ‘Chromebook’ laptops.

It’s pretty simple in that the “store” is located inside another retail outlet (like having a Post Office “branch” located in a local shop but in a Googled up fashion). Makes sense. Chromebooks really need to be seen to be sold because they are unique so if there can be a chance to see one when someone is shopping for a PC or whatever then why not?

The plans for future stores are unknown at this point and this experiment is just that: an experiment. Of course, every time Google even thinks about expanding into other areas and other ways to sell things there are the ambulance chasing government officials and competitive bottom feeders looking to cry foul. It probably won’t be long before that happens this time as well.

Image Credit The Telegraph

  • Dave Janey

    Yikes… that looks so sad.

  • I headed over there a couple of times. Here’s a little write-up + 14 photos.

    You can see a comparison vs Apple’s concession in the same store. It measures up quite well: