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Morning coffee? Check.

Review email? Check.

Twitter on mobile phone? Check and reply. Check.

comScore says that in August 2011, more than 72.2 million people used their mobile device to access a social networking site or blog. That’s up 37% from the previous year.

More than half of the mobile social networkers tapped those sites daily and 38.5 million people used a social network app to do it.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all showed a marked increase in mobile access over the last year. Facebook still rules for pure numbers of people, but Twitter showed the largest growth. And look at little LinkedIn jumping up 69%.

Since LinkedIn is all about business, it’s easy to see how mobile would be a huge factor in raising their numbers. As for Twitter, I never understood why people Tweeted so often until I got my iPhone. It’s just too easy.

Then there’s Facebook, which, in my opinion, isn’t that easy to navigate on a mobile device. Obviously, that’s not stopping the masses. And social media mavens aren’t just reading posts, nearly 70% of them also update their status via their mobile device.

Even better, 52.9% reported reading updates from organizations/brands/events, one in three used mocial to get a coupon or deal, and one in four clicked on an ad inside a social network site.

Let me repeat that last number. 27.7% of mobile social network users clicked on an ad. Maybe it’s not time to count out the clicks after all.

Mark Donovan, comScore senior vice president for mobile says,

“Advertisers and marketers should take note – mobile users are not only engaging with their friends through social networking, but a majority are also interacting with brands in these social media environments. Knowing that fans and followers engage with branded content on mobile devices opens the door to a world of opportunity for location-based services.”

This holiday shopping season, mobile social will be more important than ever, so make sure you’re stocked up on gift idea tweets, Facebook coupon codes and lots of shareable holiday cheer.

  • It would be incredibly interesting if there were figures about that detailed exactly when people logged into their Facebook and Twitter accounts from their Smartphones.

    I actually think that the morning routine tends to be:
    Alarm (on phone) – wake up.
    Facebook and Twitter check.
    Kettle (or coffee machine on)
    Email check whilst boiling
    Reply to emails whilst drinking
    Shower etc

    • Haha were you at the A4U conference by any chance Jason?

      There was a discussion about the times of day people login to Facebook and Stephany who i mentioned below described her morning exactly how you have done. If I am honest, that is exactly what my morning is like.

      That would most certainly be an interesting survey for sure.

  • Hey – great post by the way : )

    I think you have written about a truly fascinating topic. Not sure if you were at the recent A4U conference in London but it is obvious that the next 12 months is certainly the year of mobile and I think we will certainly see those comScore figures increase dramatically. Just in the last 12 months the number of users with a smartphone as nearly doubled (currently at 41% according to Stephany van Willigenburg from Google UK).

    I think one of the important things you have mentioned is in the last couple of lines. Another great stat that Stephany said was that 24% of those people using smartphones use it to compare prices of products whilst in shops.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what arises over the next 12 months, but whatever it is, it’s going to be interesting.