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A new study from Dynamic Logic and, shows that viewers are watching more online video and less TV — but not by much.

The numbers show a 9% decrease in cable TV watching vs a 26% rise in viewing via PC. The real trend is in mobile, with a modest rise of 19%, but you can expect that number to keep climbing as more tablets make it into homes across the US.

The study also found that online viewing habits were starting to mimic those of regular TV viewers. Both capture the majority of their audience during the primetime hours of 8pm to 11pm, with 6pm to 8pm, coming in second for web shows.

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

43% of’s viewers had a positive reaction to advertising that was presented before an original web series. This wasn’t the case with streaming TV content. There, only 30% reacted positively. This could come from the fact that people perceive TV shows as having a large budget, thus they can afford to stream without ads. Web shows, on the other hand, often come from small, struggling artists who need the ad dollars to make ends meet.

Dina Kaplan, co-found of had a slightly different take on it:

“It’s clear from the research that web series fans are beginning to watch less television, while at the same time increasing the amount of content consumed on the web. It’s also significant that our viewers are more accepting of advertisements on web series, perhaps because fans are grateful to the advertiser for making the show possible. That’s a very different mindset, for a viewer, than seeing an ad on a show that was originally created for television.”

When asked to rate the different types of advertising by preference, 35% of those surveyed chose banner ads. Pre-roll ads came in next at 15%. is home to original web shows such as GamePron News, Nostalgia Chick and The Spoony Experiment where a nerd reviews games and movies. I’m sensing a theme.

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