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The people have spoken and Consumerist has tallied the votes. The Worst Ad in America 2011 is Luv’s Diapers “Poop, There it is.” And they couldn’t have made a better choice.

It can be hard to advertise diapers without going into the realm of bodily functions, but this nasty commercial takes the. . . dare I say. . . cake? It’s even worse than last year’s offensive ad by Huggies where they implied that babies were sexy when they wore their new line of jeans diapers. Yikes.

Other best of the worst ads includes the new AT&T commercial where the wife (whom I thought was the man’s mother) goes off on her geeky husband when he tells her he signed up for a new texting plan and the AT&T spider spot. Yuck.

“Most Grating Performance By a Human” went to the lone flashmob guy who is a victim of a late text message. “Worst Abuse Of An Existing Song” goes to Swiffer’s “What About Love” ad which should also win the “awkward” award. Every time I see these pieces of dirt complaining about their lack of love, I feel an ache for the actors who were forced to say these ridiculous lines.

Before you plan your next campaign, here are the winners (losers?) for “Trend That Needs To Stop Being A Trend.”

With 29.4%, the top “make it stop” trend is men who can’t stand their woman like in the Klondike Bar commercial where men are rewarded for listening to their wives talk for a few seconds.

A close second is the “candid camera” style commercial with 28.91% of the vote. The Ford press conference ads are particularly grating and not long ago, another company got in big trouble with mommy bloggers when they tried to pull one off.

Want to find out what else missed the mark? Get the full poll results at The Consumerist and then think long and hard about what you read before you release you green-light your next advertising campaign.