Search Poised to Take Larger Share of Mobile Ad Spend

Our fascination with social media and anything other than search seems to give the impression that search marketing is losing its influence. The desire to continually move forward (which actually is a relative term since many things we chase after don’t move anything forward except a VC’s wallet) makes the Internet industry look like the spoiled kid at Christmas. We rip open a new present, play with it for a minute or two then move on to the next shiny object that will occupy our need for gratification in our increasingly impatient and shallow world.

Pre iPhone 5 Hype: Android Activations Approach 1 Million Per Day

The iPhone 5 is just around the corner.

Sprint is betting the farm on the new device.

Some are reporting that Sprint may have an exclusive on the new smartphone for a while (rumor alert).

All that said, the chart below from Business Insider (data supplied by Michael DeGusta) says that by October 20 there could be 1 million new Android activations each and every day.

So whose got whom by the “you know whats”? It’s a tight race that only promises to get more intense as the social mobile movement continues to evolve. I honestly don’t see a clear victor. The camps are set and there seems to be plenty of users to fill both sides with fan boys.

People Are Talking About Facebook’s New Metrics

How do you measure the success of your Facebook page? We look at the number of Followers, we look at the number of comments and the number of views per post. But social media marketing is more encompassing than that. It’s about connections and reviews, it’s about creating buzz that travels from your customer to their friends and out to their friends and so on.

Facebook is making an attempt to quantify these connections with new metrics for Pages. Once the product is launched, you’ll find these new details on the Insights tab which is open to any admin on a Fan Page.

Tricks and Treats: Halloween Marketing Comes to Facebook

It’s October and you know what that means. It’s time to brew up some scary Halloween-themed marketing for your Facebook page. Here’s how a couple of the big boys are doing it.


Target knows that recommendations are everything in social media marketing, so they’ve created an app that involves your friends in the biggest decision of the season: “What costume should I wear?”

The app offers a variety of subjects in the drop down, from personal costume choice, to your kids, parents, babies and pets. Using the catalog at the bottom of the app, you choose four options then ask your friends to vote via the share button. The app also directs you to Target’s full costume catalog and coupons for deals on candy.

London’s Chromezone First Google Retail Effort

Google has opened its first retail location.

As reported by The Telegraph

Google has opened its first physical shop. The ‘Chromezone’ is a shop within a branch of Currys and PC World on London’s Tottenham Court Road, and is being used by Google to trial a new way of selling its own ‘Chromebook’ laptops.

It’s pretty simple in that the “store” is located inside another retail outlet (like having a Post Office “branch” located in a local shop but in a Googled up fashion). Makes sense. Chromebooks really need to be seen to be sold because they are unique so if there can be a chance to see one when someone is shopping for a PC or whatever then why not?

Will Court Activity Delay Facebook’s Timeline Feature?

In yet another example of where the legal barriers that pop up are often more disruptive than technology itself, Facebook’s rollout of its Timeline service may be delayed until a court gives them the all clear.

paidContent reports

A federal judge refused late on Friday to grant a temporary restraining order to, a Chicago company that says Facebook’s timeline service may “eliminate” it. In return, Facebook has promised to limit access for now and to hold back on a full launch.

In refusing to grant the temporary restraining order, Judge Edmond Chang noted that Facebook has pledged not to broadly launch the feature before the parties appear in court again on Tuesday.

Do You REALLY Want to Share Everything Like Facebook Assumes?

I often wonder where services like Facebook do their research to make moves like the recent overhaul of the service. I wonder if they are speaking to truly representative cross-sections of ALL users or if the service is really being built for the youngest users. Is Facebook simply ignoring the social habits and desires of a rather larger portion of their user base for the foreseeable future?

Why am I bothering even asking these questions? Well, a post over at paidContent titled “Facebook-Spotify Love-In Over-Estimated Users’ Social Lives” made me wonder about some assumptions we seem to be making about Facebook, in particular.