Pilgrim’s Picks for October 21, 2011: A Little Bird Told Me Edition

Are you familiar with the expression “A little bird told me…..” when someone is passing along a not so secret secret? I had one of those experiences recently and it served as a reminder that our Pilgrim Picks had gone away under my watch and that, well, maybe that wasn’t such a good thing :-(.

So here is a recap of some of the stuff we have seen out there that we haven’t had the opportunity to discuss in a post here at Marketing Pilgrim. Doesn’t mean it’s not news though right?

Pilgrim’s Picks October 21, 2011:

Steve Jobs biography tidbits abound:
About Bill Gates
About his cancer treatment choices
About Google’s Android

Google Updates:
Dynamic Search Ads option for search marketers
Google Analytics updates again with Flow Visualization

Weekly Roundups for Tweets & Links in Under an Hour a Week

Content marketing occurs in one of two ways: Creation & Curation. Creation is where you’re creating new content, curation is where you’re aggregating and/or organizing information that already exists. One of the most effective ways curate content in a way that builds relationships and links is to create a weekly roundup of all of the great content that’s been produced in your industry. The problem? It can take a lot of time. The solution? Read on.

We’ve designed a process that, once setup, takes less than an hour a week to quickly discover, prioritize, tweet and curate your industry’s best news into a single, weekly roundup post. The key here is putting the right tools and processes in place and letting those do the work for you, while you’re making your own marketing judgement calls at all of the right times and places.

Majority of Mobile Social Networkers Do it Every Day

Morning coffee? Check.

Review email? Check.

Twitter on mobile phone? Check and reply. Check.

comScore says that in August 2011, more than 72.2 million people used their mobile device to access a social networking site or blog. That’s up 37% from the previous year.

More than half of the mobile social networkers tapped those sites daily and 38.5 million people used a social network app to do it.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all showed a marked increase in mobile access over the last year. Facebook still rules for pure numbers of people, but Twitter showed the largest growth. And look at little LinkedIn jumping up 69%.

Two-Thirds of All Online Moms are on Facebook

Marketing to moms? Facebook has you covered. According to new numbers from eMarketer, 23 million US moms use the social media service at least once a month. That’s equal to two-thirds of all online moms (defined as females over 18 with children under 18).

Then again, you know how statistics are, because even though 23 million sounds like a lot, it only represents 17.4% of Facebook users and that number is going down.

eMarketer also notes that in the next few years, the current heavy penetration will work against the mom brigade and growth will be slow. By 2013, they say moms will only account for 16.1% of the total Facebook population.

Blogs Seen As One of the Best Inbound Marketing Tools for Agencies

Inbound marketing encompasses a lot of Internet territory. It includes blogs, e-mail marketing, social media, content marketing, SEO and more. Best put, there are less areas of Internet marketing that do not fall under the umbrella of inbound marketing than do.

One nuance in inbound marketing is something that happens in every area of business: not everything works well for everyone. What works for a traditional B2C company may not work for a B2B company. What works for a company looking for new prospects may not work for solopreneurs or smaller shops. Sounds simple but many overlook the fact that there are inbound marketing options that simply work better in certain verticals than others.

Apparently in the agency world social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) don’t work nearly as well as the time tested (and too often dismissed) blog. This data from research done by RSW/US and RSW/AgencySearch and reported by eMarketer shows just how valuable blogs are to agencies looking to find new leads in the online space.

Looking for Internet Marketing Jobs? We Have Them!

Tired of hearing about the continuing economic woes of everyone and their brother? Wondering what your next career move may be? looking to continue in your climb up the Internet and social media marketing ladder or maybe starting that climb after switching careers?

We can help. Check our Internet marketing jobs board. Here is a sample of what is available.

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Online Publishers Score Legal Victory Regarding Linking

The Canadian Supreme Court has decided that publishers who link to libelous material cannot be found liable themselves for the spread of that material. It’s a rare legal protection for online publishers who are often treading on very unstable ground when it comes to this area.

paidContent reports

Hyperlinking is fundamental to how information spreads on the web—it’s the reason why traffic spikes on some sites and also explains why false information can funnel outward so quickly. One question that publishers and lawyers have long wrestled with is whether sites are legally liable for the accuracy of material they link out to. In a major ruling today, a court offered an answer to that.