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Are you familiar with the expression “A little bird told me…..” when someone is passing along a not so secret secret? I had one of those experiences recently and it served as a reminder that our Pilgrim Picks had gone away under my watch and that, well, maybe that wasn’t such a good thing :-(.

So here is a recap of some of the stuff we have seen out there that we haven’t had the opportunity to discuss in a post here at Marketing Pilgrim. Doesn’t mean it’s not news though right?

Pilgrim’s Picks October 21, 2011:

Steve Jobs biography tidbits abound:
About Bill Gates
About his cancer treatment choices
About Google’s Android

Google Updates:
Dynamic Search Ads option for search marketers
Google Analytics updates again with Flow Visualization

Microsoft’s Online Drain on Earnings
Hey look we only lost $500 million from online this quarter!

Yahoo! Yup, they are still around
Will somebody buy them already!

Of course there is more but you have a weekend to think about so go have some fun! A little bird told me to tell you it’s time to relax.