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It’s time for another Millennial Media MobileMix report. This time it’s all about Q3 of 2011 and again, I give thumbs up to the cover art. They slay me every time.

It all begins with the smartphone. Ownership is up 7% over last quarter, 37% year-over-year. And since every other commercial on TV is about the iPhone, you probably think they’re leading the way for impressions, but they’re not.

Android still takes the top spot with 56% of all smartphone impressions. The MobileMix says this is due to largely to the fact that Android technology is being used by a variety of manufacturers, and more importantly, being offered at a wider variety of price points.

But Apple isn’t shedding any tears over the number two spot for impressions. They’re up 60% year-over-year and when you add in the iPad, they’re number one for connected devices.

46.7 million iPads will be sold in 2011 and that’s given them a 456% rise in impressions year-over-year.

When it comes to apps, Android is battling back with 20% growth over last quarter, giving them 49% of the market. Apple is right behind them with 41%. Gaming applications are the most popular choice accounting for 34% of all app impressions. Entertainment and mocial round out the top three. Weather apps dropped a notch in popularity, and productivity tools made the top 10 for the first time. That’s probably due to the rise in tablet use.

Where will we be at year end? Will Apple rise about Android in apps? Will iPads blow every other tablet out of the water? Will anyone still be using their phones just to call people? Stay tuned and find out.

  • I’ve noticed a similar trend in analytics user device data on some sites I am tracking. iPad usage is definitely growing like wildfire.