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Our fascination with social media and anything other than search seems to give the impression that search marketing is losing its influence. The desire to continually move forward (which actually is a relative term since many things we chase after don’t move anything forward except a VC’s wallet) makes the Internet industry look like the spoiled kid at Christmas. We rip open a new present, play with it for a minute or two then move on to the next shiny object that will occupy our need for gratification in our increasingly impatient and shallow world.

Dark assessment? Maybe but if you feel that it is not true explain to me how it works otherwise. How else could you explain the Internet industry’s tendency to place search off to the side when the evidence shows that it is still growing in its effectiveness especially in the emerging mobile space?

eMarketer is, in fact, predicting that search will be taking more and more mobile ad spend dollars over the coming years. Of course, these are projections and predictions but the possible trend merits some consideration.

Along with search, video will continue to grow at a healthy clip in the mobile space. With some of the ideas about original video content production on YouTube that are being thrown around today, this makes sense. Even I have used my smartphone for video more this year as a Verizon customer since I can watch the NFL’s Red Zone as part of my Verizon service. It saves me money, gets me the content I desire AND I can watch it anywhere. As Charlie Sheen would say “Winner, winner chicken dinner!”

So that you messaging types won’t get into a tizzy over the shrinking size of the pie eMarketer is predicting for you, remember that the slice may be smaller but the pie is MUCH larger so the actual dollar amounts spent on messaging ads will still be there.

So why do we push search to the side in many case when it is still the most consistent performer for ad delivery in this age of social media? Is it not sexy enough? Is there enough shine taken off of it that it has simply been prematurely tossed aside like those Christmas gifts?

Well, I think the smart kids will be the ones that recognize value where value lives and continue to grow their search marketing efforts even in our new “social age”. Remember, social is about opinion gathering while search is more about fact finding. And in the frugal consumer days that lie ahead it’s the facts that will win the day.

What’s your take?

  • I don’t think social is pushing search aside. I think the two disciplines are actually becoming more and more intertwined everyday. The most successful companies will be the ones who learn to leverage everything for online marketing success. This isn’t an all or nothing game and no one tactic is going to give you the results that an integrated approach would.

  • I agree that mobile marketing is going to be a thing of the future. You can see this already that a lot of investors are investing in things that are related to mobile marketing. Another thing that indicates this quick growth includes all the new technology coming out constantly.