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comScore has released their search engine market share reports for September of 2011. The real story seems to be that across every measurement, Yahoo lost share but Microsoft stayed flat while Google inched up. Are Yahoo users seeing something in Yahoo (search is powered by Bing) that they don’t like thus moving to Google? Do regular Joe searchers now realize that Yahoo results are Bing results and they see no reason to jump from one brand to the next when the results are the same (I doubt it but it had to be asked).

Here are two of the measures from comScore. First explicit core search share

Next is total core search share

While this doesn’t show much movement overall it is worth keeping an eye on the relationship between where Yahoo search users go to when they leave. Have we reached the point where Microsoft (Bing) has siphoned off all they can get from Yahoo search users? Will their “growth” no longer come from Yahoo defectors but have to come from (gulp!) another engine?

What’s your take on the search engine wars? Is the idea of taking Google in front of the government the only way to chip away at their lead? If so, do you agree with that method?

  • Chris

    In my opinion, loyalty goes out the window as soon as something better comes along. Example, Facebook killing off MySpace. Same goes with search. Sure, majority of people search on Google for a most of their searches…..but not for travel. Bing created a nice niche for travel searches. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they go to Google to search mostly but when it comes to travel searches they go to Bing now.

    This is why the search war is never over. Something better comes along and consumers flock to that product because it’s better for them (screw loyalty…what’s in it for me?!). Bing and Yahoo just need to to get more creative on ways to draw more users to their engines (like Bing did with travel).

    Once that happens, the advertisers will come because it’s cheaper to advertiser on Yahoo/Bing (adCenter) anyway (less competition to drive up CPC prices). Not to mention, the data continues to come from Efficient Frontier that the Yahoo/Bing alliance continues to outperform Google in ROI for advertisers.

    But until Bing and Yahoo get more creative, consumers will continue to flock to Google. Essentially, they need to create niches that can’t be duplicated on Google (at least right away).