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Last Halloween, Sears stepped out of their comfort zone with a zombie overlay on their online store. It must have been a hit, because this year, they took it a step further.

The Zombie Apocalypse at Sears couldn’t have been better timed. Zombies are all the rage at the moment. Even though they are gorier and gooey-er than their classic creature counterparts, people (human people) can’t get enough.

The Sears site is like a game. It leads you through either survival gear for humans (Escape the infected with new athletic shoes) or zombie gear (a blender for brain smoothies!). In a few spots, the joke runs two levels deep before dropping you in a plain, boring Sears shopping page. But then, they can’t re-theme the entire site, can they?

If you’re a fan of the Sears tool line, play Craftsman vs Zombies, an old-school arcade game that had me beat at round one.

To promote the holiday site, Sears created a line of comedy zombie viral videos that cleverly incorporate product sales pitches with a creepy storyline. Learn how greased hardwood flooring can save your life or spruce up your look with advice from the zombie make-over experts.

Kudos to Sears for mixing it up, but next year, I’d like to see them go for something different. I’m putting my money on the giant bug craze. It’s due for a comeback.

Would you put your advertising budget into a wacky holiday overlay? Too expensive? Too short-lived? Or just too corny for your company?