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News drives content more than anything else on the Internet. You can see 5000 barley different variations of “5 Easy Steps to X” or “The Top 10 Ways to X” but news is ever changing, new each day and the opinions attached to it are what make it an interesting read. It is the king of content in many ways.

It doesn’t only have to be news around events that should be considered. If you think about it, all sharing in social media is about news. Whether you are telling relatives about what the kids did, you are announcing where you are, have been or will be or any other update, in essence you are reporting about things. It’s all news.

So we were happy to see the people at the Pew Research Center Project for Excellence in Journalism put together an infographic based on a study that examines the impact of the tablet on the news space. Enjoy and let us know what your take is on their findings. (please excuse some of the picture distortion which was necessary to fit the infographic into the Marketing Pilgrim format).