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A great gauge of just how deeply anything is being adopted in the Internet space is how much it is used during the holiday buying season. We come into this year’s holiday season with enough concern and trepidation due to the current economic status of just about everyone on the planet but as Internet marketers we have to overlook these things and see if something is working despite these concerns.

We have been ushering in the year of mobile for at least the last half decade but it’s finally safe to say that the mobile age is truly upon us. eMarketer reference a survey performed by PayPal and Ipsos to see what percentage of people may use mobile devices (phones and tablets) to purchase this year

It still appears to be asking more than people are comfortable with to actually make purchases using mobile devices. The usual suspect of security is likely to be the biggest hold up (Although just how safe is your wireless connection in your house REALLY if someone wanted to intercept some of your stuff. Let’s be honest: not very.)

Of course, there is more to mobile devices than making actual purchases and this is where the rubber really meets the road for the retail marketing set and others. Increasingly sales are won and lost at the point of sale due to information collected through a smartphone (less so a tablet since most mobile users aren’t toting tablets in stores are they?). People turn to the hardcore information they need to say yes or no to a purchase by using their devices to get the final pieces of information they need. Doing last minute comparison searches or looking for reviews are two things that can make or break a purchase. It’s in these areas that the savvy online marketer needs to be buttoned up because it could easily mean the difference between getting the business or not.

So what will mobile users do to help make their decisions? This information from Mojiva suggests research wins the day.

These uses of mobile are not the news. What is the news is that since roughly 35% (or slightly more depending on what research you believe) of the population carries a smart device this influence is growing. What is being researched hasn’t changed but how may people are doing it will continue to increase. Now the iPhone is available through 3 carriers so this movement to smart devices will only continue to rise.

As marketers you have to be ready. Are you? How have you prepared for the holiday season and the use of mobile for making purchases? Hopefully you haven’t treated your planning like many treat their holiday shopping by waiting until the last minute. If that’s the case you shouldn’t be reading this you should be running around in a panic because you are WAY behind the 8 ball.

‘Tis the season to be frantic! Fa la la la la, la la la la.

  • Cynthia Boris

    I’m on the Yes side of that bubble for the first time this year. I’ve used my new tablet to scan Amazon and ebay for gifts while I watch TV and I made my first purchase via my iphone about a month ago. It was a Paypal exchange, so it was easy. i don’t think I’m ready to pull out my credit cards and start filling in lengthy order forms, but I’m getting there.