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Tweety bird should have seen this one coming. According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter is about to gain possession of the word “Tweet” and birds all over the world are angry :-).

Twitter has been trying to trademark the word for a while now but has consistently been blocked by the US Patent and Trademark Office because two other companies had already applied for variations of the term.

Back in September, Twitter filed a lawsuit against Twittad, a company that arranges for people to get paid to Tweet. But instead of a long drawn out battle, it turned into a short fight. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the two companies have come to an agreement. Twitter will withdraw their lawsuit and Twittad will give them the trademark on the word “Tweet.”

Though neither party will admit it, we imagine there was a large cash sum that accompanied the offer from Twitter.

With this whole thing sounding as silly as it does we can only imagine what could be next.

Tweety, speaking from his office at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, said that he never took it from that puddy tat, and he’s not going to take it from Twitter. He plans to file suit against Twitter, as soon as he’s done raking Angry Birds through the legal coals.

I tawt I taw a chance to fleece someone. I did! I did!

We wish him luck.

  • It’s quite common for multinationals to make arrangements with companies that they have legal disputes with, especially when the company in question is in possession of something that the multinational is interested in.