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Marketing to moms? Facebook has you covered. According to new numbers from eMarketer, 23 million US moms use the social media service at least once a month. That’s equal to two-thirds of all online moms (defined as females over 18 with children under 18).

Then again, you know how statistics are, because even though 23 million sounds like a lot, it only represents 17.4% of Facebook users and that number is going down.

eMarketer also notes that in the next few years, the current heavy penetration will work against the mom brigade and growth will be slow. By 2013, they say moms will only account for 16.1% of the total Facebook population.

Does that mean that moms are maxed out? Or are we all maxed out? The truth is, Facebook isn’t all that new and hip anymore. Talk to anyone about their Facebook usage and they’ll generally reply in a way that makes it sound like a necessary evil.

“All my friends were on there, so I had to join, too.”

“There are good coupons on Facebook but you have to have an account to get them.”

“I wanted to play this game, but I had to connect through Facebook.”

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Honestly, when was the last time you talked to someone who was excited about being on Facebook? And yet, eMarketer says 57.1% of internet users use Facebook monthly.

That’s a lot of people spending time on a site no one claims to like. Explain that.

  • Aly

    Hi Cynthia – Facebook and other social media has definitely changed the marketing game in many ways, one of which is where you’re likely to find your target market. At the advent of Facebook, there was nary a mom to be found and now moms account for 17% of Facebook users. I think it would also be interesting to note how much time this demographic spends on Facebook.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing! – Aly