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How many years have we been talking about the death of the newspaper? In fact, we used to talk about it a lot more because we were watching the industry die. That talk has been replaced by practically ignoring the medium altogether because I suppose it has slipped into the irrelevant phase of its slow and painful demise?

Whatever the situation actually is there is one irony in a new advertising product that Google will be rolling out today with large brands (like Macy’s and Best Buy) called Circulars. Mashable got a look at these “new” ads”.

Apparently not all the news that was fit to print will be dying with the newspaper industry. I wonder if Google will next try to reproduce the feeling of that extra bulky and clumsy Sunday paper experience. Maybe they will make an ad that looks like you just dropped all the Sunday circulars on the ground and the user can click on the corner of the one he or she picks up first? Cool. A digital recreation of the exploding Sunday newspaper. What great times we live in.

Here is a quote from Google explaining this new approach

“Retail in general is a large category for us,” Nick Fox, vice president of product management at Google, said in an interview. “They’re trying to understand what the answer is in the digital age to the offline print circular. They’re trying to understand how to get their online visitors into their stores. And this is our answer to that.”

One thing that hasn’t changed whether it’s regarding a newspaper or a digital ad is the goal of advertising: putting fannies in the stores. It’s comforting to know that no matter how much we progress some things will never change.