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Last Friday Google announced that it will be expanding the channels of original content that will be coming to YouTube. They did this in the new Google understated fashion with a blog post on YouTube and the dribbling of information getting to the press. If you would like to sign up to be notified as to when these channels go online you can here.

The Guardian reports that there are in the neighborhood of 100 channels that are planned.

YouTube has unveiled its latest challenge to the TV industry with the launch of 100 online channels of original programming from partners including the Wall Street Journal, Madonna, Ashton Kutcher and online magazine Slate.

The launch marks Google-owned YouTube’s most significant push into high-quality content as it seeks to shift the emphasis of the world’s largest video sharing website from its roots in user-generated content.

YouTube’s venture, for which Google will fork out up to $100m to producers as an enticement to launch channels, will see about 25 hours of new, original programming a day.

I don’t know about you but my Ashton Kutcher threshold is about maxed out but it might be interesting to get some original programming in another environment. With 25 hours a day of new programming that is something that isn’t happening on other channels in other areas so at least the content will be fresh. As for quality? Well, that remains to be seen.

The article continued

Those channels include Antony Zuiker, the creator of criminal drama CSI, rapper Jay-Z, former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, Rainn Wilson, one of the star’s of the US version of The Office, and skateboard legend Tony Hawk.

Media organisations launching channels include Thomson Reuters, Slate, satire site The Onion and Cosmopolitan owner Hearst.

TV production companies and film studios getting involved include Lionsgate, the US company behind Mad Men and Nurse Jackie, which is creating a fitness channel, and X Factor co-producer FremantleMedia, which is to launch a pets and animals channel.

Add in the other stealth announcement that Google TV is coming around again in a supposedly simpler form and you have another area for the government to worry about Google’s far reaching impact on all things.

Now that could be a channel of its own. Oh wait, they are already talking about a comedy channel. My bad.