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With grocery prices on the rise and incomes on the decline, consumers are looking for new ways to make ends meet. For 33% of them, it’s all about using digital resources to plan their weekly shopping trip.

Acosta Sales and Marketing has released a new report called “The Why Behind the Buy.” The report is all about trends in grocery shopping and what retailers and marketers can do to stay ahead of the game.

In general, Acosta found that consumers are more conservative than they’ve been in the past and that this behavior is the “new normal.” It’s happening because shoppers are spending 3% more on an average grocery run but they’re getting a lot less. As the main grocery shopper in my house, I can say for sure that that fact is true.

In order to survive, consumers are switching to less expensive brands, consolidating shopping trips, 50% said they stock up when an item goes on sale and coupons are more popular than ever.

Planning is also key and that’s where apps and websites come in. While the old fashioned paper circular is still the main source of information, 33% of those surveyed said they use apps and websites to plan. Mostly, they used these sources to find coupons, but they also used apps to create shopping lists and look up recipes.

When communicating with brands and stores, email is still the number one choice. Related website visits have dropped off slightly in favor of new tech such as social networking and texting.

The experts at Acosta say it’s time for brands to get creative with digital and mobile assets. They recommend using QR codes and displays to send shoppers online while they’re still in the store. Expanding beyond the coupon to tips, recipes and shopping lists, and using social networking to stay in touch with the customer.

There’s lots more info for grocery or coupon marketer in the “The Why Behind the Buy” report. All it will cost you is your contact information.


  • This article answered my question, “What other ways should I use for me to be able to grocer more effectively”. This article needs more attention. This is a great help but it is not popular. I’m going to share this to other people.

  • ruzzel01

    Printable coupons are just fantastic. I can almost find them anywhere.