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This year, Black Friday began earlier than usual with many chains opening on Thanksgiving and even more starting as early as midnight instead of the usual 4 or 6 am on Friday.

Toys R Us cashiers can take comfort in knowing they’re not the only ones slogging through the holiday madness. The folks at IBM Coremetrics are at their desks, turning out data as fast as they can.

So far, they say this Thanksgiving 2011sales were up 39% over last year and that it was a “banner shopping day” for online retailers.

Mobile traffic to online retail sites was also good with 15.2% of consumers using a device to log-on. That’s up 6.45% from 2010.

11.09% represents the number of folks using their mobile device to actually buy items and that’s also up from 4.25% in 2010.

On a personal note, I was prepared to go out this morning for one particular bargain (which I won’t mention in case my family members decide to read the post). After midnight on Thanksgiving Day, though, I found the exact same 15% off code worked online and I was offered free shipping. That clinched it for me. Why fight the crowd when I can buy and have it delivered for the same exact price?

How is Thankgiving 2011 going for you? We’d like to hear about both your selling and buying experiences.