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Android Malware Rises Dramatically

I am an Android user but I will say one thing that I have stayed very cautious about is apps. In other words, unless the app comes from a trusted source (large company etc) I won’t touch it. There is even some trepidation on those apps but at least I can convince myself that the risk of malware is at least lower.

Well, if the current report from Juniper Networks is accurate, my concerns are merited. In fact, the rise in malware has been so rapid (up by 472% since July of this year) that Android is looking a lot like Windows when it comes to viruses and malware. It’s a growing problem for companies and individuals alike.

And what sits relatively problem free? Apple products of course. There is something to be said for the walled garden, huh?

Check out the infographic giving more details about this problem. Stuff like this makes me think, hmmmmmm, that iPhone does look pretty nice and I could get a new friend called Siri as well. When’s that contract up?