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Another Black Friday is over and in the books and it looks like a good time was had by most.

IBM Coremetrics estimates a 24.3% increase in online sales over last year. As you can see from this chart, midnight was the magic hour with a nice spike over the last two years. This is likely due to the fact that many major chains made holiday prices effective at midnight online as well as in stores.

Sales peak in morning then slowly taper off, but still 2011 stayed well above the numbers from previous years with slight exceptions. (Can anyone account for that crazy early morning spike in 2009?)

Breaking it down by category, Department Store online sales were up 59%. Home Goods was up 48.8% and Apparel was up 47.2%. I like those numbers.

Mobile Makes Good

As expected, mobile numbers were up but not fabulous. Mobile traffic rose to 14.3% on this Black Friday, over 5.6% in 2010. This number includes not just shoppers but those researching sales and gift ideas as well. Mobile sales came in at 9.8%, up from 3.2% last year.

The iPhone was the most used mobile device, with the iPad and Android coming in second and third. iPad was the winner for conversion, with 4.6% of online users continuing through to purchase compared to 2.8% for all mobile devices combined.

Social Sells

Social networks also had a big impact on Black Friday shopping this year. Not so much in actual sales, since only .53% of all online sales came from a social network referral but in word of mouth.

Social media chatter was up 110% over last year.

Top discussion topics on social media sites immediately before Friday showed a focus on the part of consumers to share tips on how to avoid the rush. Topics included out-of-stock concerns, waiting times and parking, and a spike in positive sentiment around Cyber-Monday sales.

Overall, it’s so far, so good and Cyber-Monday has only just begun. After that. . . well, expect online sales to continue with even more bargains rolling out as we barrel headlong into the holidays.

How goes it for you?


  • Terry

    I’m going to wind up deep in the hole today, but I loves me shopping online (less pepper spray, hehe). I already got Gingerbread Potpourri on special (YankeeScents), and am hitting Best Buy next.

  • Tristan

    It is good news, help US jobs going, here is a funny joke I saw about black friday,