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When I first read about Siri I was instantly intrigued. Mainly because back in 2002 I wrote a similar piece of software called Sivle. Now of course Siri is much more sophisticated, but both applications rely on natural language processing for their conversational interface. But Siri takes this a step further by leveraging the cloud to continually improve. As you can see, I am excited about Siri, which is where my current hipster angst is sprouting from.

You see, Siri is only on the Apple platform, which means to play with it I have to buy an Apple product. I have spent the last 10 years sneering at Apple fanboys! Disgusted at overpriced inferior technology that has an almost cult like following. Despite all of this I now want an Apple product to play with Siri all day long! Then a few days after reading about Siri I realized that maybe I don’t have the best diet. Which would explain why I had to buy some new pants before Pubcon last week! So this week I cut out most of my carbohydrates, and doubled up on my greens! Then yesterday I started teaching myself Ruby!

To recap: I am going to buy an Apple product, started to eat alfalfa sprouts, and I am now learning to program like a hippie! Oh my God! I am turning into a Grade-A d-bag! What the heck have I become!? A hipster! That’s what!

I am not sure how this happened, but at the same time I am not that surprised. In the last few years I haven’t been very dogmatic, in fact I am downright postmodern about most things. Which means I am open to opportunities that come my way. I haven’t always been this way though, it has taken time to learn to be flexible.

Being flexible with your ideas and life can be truly powerful. In business it can be the one deciding factor that pushes your company where it needs to be. Whats weird is that so many entrepreneurs seem to be unwilling to change. So many refuse to try something that deviates from their line of vision. Despite that fact that using an Apple product might be uncomfortable for me, I know I need to learn different technology. Even though I love pasta and hate alfalfa sprouts I know I need to eat better to keep myself healthy. And even though I am more comfortable with PHP and Python, I know I need to learn as many programming languages as I can.

Because at the end of the day, those who have done great things are the ones that put themselves in positions to grow as individuals. If you haven’t already, you need to start asking yourself, where do you need to position yourself to grow as an individual? And, remember there are a lot of successful hipsters in the world, are you going to be one too?

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  • Lisa K

    Great point, Joe. It’s easy to stay in one’s comfort zone. How many great ideas have been missed as a result?

  • I think Siri brings out the hipster in all of us. But try to steer away from the d-bag zone Joe ha!