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Cyber Monday is over (sort of) and the results are in. It’s a HIT!

According to IBM Benchmark, Cyber Monday sales were up 33% over last year. The average order value also rose from $193.24 to $198.26.

Unlike Black Friday, there were two peaks during the day, one at 11:05 PST and again late in the evening. Take a look at this comparison chart. Except for the early morning hours, Cyber Monday beat the pants off online Black Friday buying to the tune of  29.3%.

Just When You Thought it Was Safe. . .

Now, here’s what’s interesting. Part of the reason these big sale days work is because they’re special. 24 hours of the lowest prices and best deals. Yet, this morning, I woke up to emails from two retailers saying they were extending their sales for another 24 hours. So now it’s Cyber Tuesday?

Black Friday sales bumped back to Thursday, now Cyber Monday is bumping forward into Tuesday. Next year, we might as well call it the Holiday Sale Week and just make it a 7 day event.

Would it matter? Would spreading these sales out over a full week lessen the impact? Or are we so happy to find bargains that it doesn’t matter?

I’ll tell you what got me? Companies I bought from last week, offered free shipping yesterday or even bigger discounts making me wish I’d waited to shop. That’s not how you keep your customers happy. And what about next week, or the week after that? Are there even bigger deals on the horizon? I hope so, as I still have an expensive guitar to buy. (Hear that Guitar Center!)

Mobile Matters

Getting back on track, mobile traffic was up from 3.9% last year to 10.8%. Mobile sales more than doubled, going from 2.3% in 2010 to 6.6%.

Black Friday had better mobile numbers but that’s likely due to folks using their phones as they traveled from store to store. Most Cyber Monday shopping was likely done the old fashioned way – at the computer.

The one exception here is the iPad. On Cyber Monday, it again had the highest conversion rate of all mobile devices, 5.2%

Social Studies

Social network referrals were only slightly higher on Cyber Monday, .56% compare to .53% on Black Friday. Facebook led the charge with 86% of all social media traffic.

Cyber Monday discussions were up 115% over last year and included talk about deals, avoiding scams and talk about Black Friday experiences.

So there you have it. Cyber Monday wins in the battle of the online sale days. How goes it where you are?


  • MrAndrewJ

    If it helps you get that guitar, MusiciansFriend seems to be the online wing of Guitar Center.

    I optimized one retail site for mobile to the extent that I could without attracting too much of my employer’s wrath. (Yes, there were angry outbusts about it.)

    Here’s how Cyber Monday looked. About 16.6% of all that site’s visitors were on mobile devices according to Google Analytics. Ever since making those tweaks, that site has been at or ahead of every mobile usage report I’ve read.

    Some forward thinking and, honestly, simple tweaks were all it really took. I’d be glad to share more, too.