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As of December a SF landmark, the neon Yahoo billboard that dates back to 1999 will be going away. It’s not hard to imagine that this fading away of yet another remnant of the once might Yahoo isn’t a precursor to even more things about the Internet giant fading away sooner than later.

As reports

The neon Yahoo billboard on San Francisco’s skyline, which served for a dozen years as an icon of dot-com era exuberance, is about to be grounded.

Clear Channel, manager of the sign overlooking the eastbound approach to the Bay Bridge, has announced the space available beginning Dec. 1 – at $65,000 a month, or $80,000 if the new sign uses neon.

The motel-style billboard will come down as soon as a new advertiser rents the space.

At that price the sign may not be moving as soon as one might think.

As a baseball fan I wonder if we will see the Yahoo sign on the outfield wall of AT&T park, the home of the San Francisco Giants, this season?

Companies make changes in advertising all the time. One thing that is rarely toyed with, however, is something that has become iconic. Logos like Coca-Cola’s stand the test of time and remain unchanged because they are such a part of the brand. A move like this by Yahoo could simply be a cost cutting measure but it says a lot more especially to an area of the world that is so sensitive to the online space.

So do you think this signifies anything at all as it relates to Yahoo? Are they beginning to pack things up to look better for a possible sale? Will they ever figure out who and what they are going to be in the current Internet era? So many questions and precious few answers.