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E-mail marketing service provider Constant Contact has put together some interesting data around the use of social media by the SMB set. As of today it looks as if Facebook rules the roost of the social media choices with regard to perceived effectiveness . This chart comes courtesy of eMarketer.

83% of SMB’s surveyed find Facebook to be either very or moderately effective while the second place finisher, Twitter, had a 46% response in the same category. Google+ is still in its infancy so the number of SMB’s finding success is low but that’s to be expected at this point.

One interesting piece of this data is just how little response there is around daily deals. You would think that with all the Groupon IPO hype that every SMB on the planet was using the idea. Not so much. Of course, a lot of that has to do with industries etc so a little thought needs to be put into what all of this means. One upside is that there appears to be plenty of room for growth in the space since 76% of the respondents say they don’t use the concept currently.

So what is it about Facebook that has made it so dominant in the SMB space? Relative cost (it ain’t free no matter what you say), very low barrier to entry, 800 million people on the service are just a few of the more attractive aspects of the service.

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So the question begs, who can give Facebook a run for the money in the SMB space? The most tempting answer is Google+ but until more people outside of the hyper-spastic tech set start to really get on board it will be tough to challenge Facebook’s widespread adoption.

What’s your take?

  • It would be interesting to see the breakdown between B2B and B2C businesses. In B2B, I imagine that LinkedIn would have a higher “very effective” percentage. As a whole, these numbers make sense, mostly because Facebook has the highest number of users that are active on a regular basis.

  • Jim C

    What is “perceived effectiveness?” Way too flimsy of a term for me. Yes, Facebook generates brand awareness and a sense of community, but as a business owner I’m more interested in SALES. If they did a survey that asked how social generates sales, the chart would look much different.

    I believe that social is just another form of print advertising. It puts our name in front of eyeballs, but exposure, awareness, and community don’t pay my bills. I’d rather focus my limited resources on inbound marketing tactics like SEO. I want to be found by buyers who are ready to spend.

  • I don’t expect Google+ to gain any momentum especially when facebook gets its timeline sorted out – I mean why change?

    Jim’s comments are right to an extent – unless you are Dell, Nike or Starbucks for example you just don’t have the resources to throw at it. How much ROI would you get if your social media investment went into adwords or content writing for example?