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There’s all kinds of research that shows that images up reader engagement on Facebook, so of course, Google+ wants a piece of that pie.

Introducing the +1 button for images.

Start out by searching a word in the images tab. I searched “Crazy Moon,” don’t ask why. As you hover over the photos, you get a detailed information pop-up and on that is the new +1 button. Click the button and the photo gets a new label. It says “You” on a black band under the pic.

If your Google+ friends +1 a pic, then their name shows up under the photo. Here’s the test screenshot from Google’s blog.

If you follow me on Google+, you can search “Crazy Moon” and easily find the picture I chose. Exciting, huh?

It would be, except for two things. First, there’s no way to comment on the photo, you either choose it or don’t. Second, the click doesn’t post to your main stream on Google+. When I’m me, I can see the post under my +1 tab. When I view my profile as someone else, I don’t see the post at all. Is it me? A glitch? I don’t get it.

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Right now, my feeling on this is that it has potential for marketers, but gosh darned if I can figure out what do to with it. Ideas?

  • @clickryan

    Build a 3rd party app that integrates the google + API that brings in all +1 photos, then allow anyone to comment on those pics by having them sign in with their open ID / google+ / Facebook / linkedIN profiles.

    Monetize by google ad words that contain same words as picture or comments. Context sensitive ad’s

    Call it / maybe not that one…lol

    • Cynthia Boris

      Ryan! I shall whip that up in my spare time! LOL.
      Seriously, though, that’s what it’s all about, right? Figuring out how to leverage what’s out there so it works for you and your customers.

  • Maybe that functionality is forthcoming. The original +1 button didn’t allow you to share to g+ at first, but it does now

  • Roy

    Maybe it just gets people used to the idea and practising it before they roll out more meaningful changes?

    They’re obviously pushing +1 big time – the new Picasa 3.9 has just added the ability to upload to Google+ and share with circles, as well as a way to tag people in your Google+ circles and notify them via +