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Ok, ok. According to comScore, Google picked up .3 percent in October. It’s not a lot but it’s a positive number.

Here is the picture for you.

Here’s the real point as brought to light by the Business Insider

Google’s share bottomed out in August, and has been rising ever since.

Similarly, combined Yahoo-Bing market share peaked in August. It’s been dropping ever since.

If these trends continue, next month Google will be almost back to where it was a year ago, around 66% share. Bing+Yahoo will be lucky to remain above 30%.

Microsoft has spent more than $5 billion on its online business in the last year. That is, it’s lost $2.5 billion, on revenues of $2.5 billion. Most of that money is presumably going to R&D on Bing and managing the Yahoo deal.

Look, a degree in rocket science is not necessary to figure out that while Bing keeps trying to make inroads in the search arena what it has gotten really good is losing money in the online space. How much longer will they keep this up. If I were Google I would find a way to get $2.5 billion to Microsoft to encourage them to stick around in the search game. If Bing backs out (and no one is saying they are but let’s just pretend) Google has literally no competition and that would be REALLY bad for Google. If that were to happen you might as well hand over the algorithm to the world governments because there will be nothing to even point to as a true competitor to keep Google honest.

Just thinking about that gave me the chills. All we are saying is give Bing a chance (so Google doesn’t become government issue).

  • Never thought I’d hear myself say this, but maybe Apple with Siri? I’m no Apple fan, but as the saying goes: power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely ..

  • all days i follow this site for news and article, thanks

  • Something very unsettling about seeing Microsoft as an underdog. I might be showing my age, but I still see Microsoft as the evil empire that forced IE onto us all, and Frontpage too!